Service, Protection, and Recovery

for Businesses Under 100 Employees


Your Business WILL be Hacked . The question is how can you respond?

If the FBA and Oracle can be hacked, with their legions of IT specialists, then any company is vulnerable. Hacking today can be ransomware (your system is frozen until you pay a ransom), viruses that destroy and/or steal data, and malware than can infect your clientsí computer systems. And itís only getting worse.

We Canít Prevent Every Problem, But We Help Protect You From Catastrophic Failure

Sure, there are some steps any company can (and should) take, from updating virus protection software to coaching staff on the latest viruses. But nothing is fool-proof. Thatís why we work proactively to make sure that you can survive attacks from hacking. Depending on the level of service, you may be up and operating in a flash. Recently we helped a client avoid paying $60,000 to a ransomware thief, all due to proactive system planning. Weíve worked in the IT disaster recovery field for over ten years.

A Boutique Company: We Accept Only a Limited Number of Clients

We insist that every client receive personal attention. Thatís why youíll work directly with the owner, who has more than two decadesí experience delighting more than 100 companies. Of course, we have others who help as needed, for your protection in the event of an emergency.

Call for a Free Assessment of Your IT Environment

Weíve reviewed dozens of company IT environments, and our suggestions have helped companies make changes that not only improve productivity, but help prevent calamity. Call us at (610) 616-3950 for fast attention. You can also reach us at